Mpulse Moments iPhone Review

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Mpulse Moments is a decent app for mobile that is just short of becoming as truly useful as it should be. Available for Android through the Google Play store and for iPhone through the iTunes App Store, Mpulse offers an interesting proposition to users.

Using the app, you can send a series of cards to friends, loved ones and, in particular, people who you may be in a relationship with. Cards are sent through Email and are displayed in the recipient’s Email client or Web browser.

The cards are all of a similar style, with blue a prominent theme. Each one is for a specific idea, such as needing time apart from your partner, some romantic time or telling someone that they are a cheat. Each card comes with text inside relating to the front of the card, with various wise words and helpful sayings.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:screen568x568 (13)

Relationship cards that express what a person is feeling towards another person
in the moment. It’s for those who have writer’s block or cannot find the right words to express their feelings. No need filling out blank cards. Send a card on impulse to someone and tell them what is on your mind. There is a card for any type of relationship in your life. Making relationships stronger or getting rid of toxic ones once and for all.

The app is interesting, and well designed. Each card costs $1.99 to send, and you can buy a pack of seven for $12.99, which is a bit cheaper. My issue with the app is that this is quite expensive for what is essentially images that you send over Email. I think that, if these cards were sent out, in the post, for real then they would have so much more value, both to the sender and the recipient.

Mpulse is a nice little app, and is designed to work with the bigger screen of the iPhone 5, which is great, and it is also free to download and use. I do wish that you could physically send the cards instead of just emailing them, but it does do the task and job that it sets out to do, and that should be applauded.


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