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Mr Drop, available from the Apple iTunes App Store, is a game of the ‘free fall’ variety, but with interesting platforming elements and physics based puzzles that add up to a very playable package.

The game stars you as the eponymous Mr Drop, who is given the task of trying to get to the bottom of a seemingly bottomless pit, in order to go to bed, and must battle against both regular enemies and the terrors of the top and bottom of the screen. You must keep him from touching either the top or bottom of an automatically scrolling screen that plunges ever downwards.

You simply tap the left and right sides of the screen to move him in the required direction, which is about it for the controls as most of the gameplay is about planning, reacting to new elements and understanding the physics of each object you come across.mrdrop

Most of the platforms are solid, but some give way and can fall, blocking your progress and making you a victim to the top of the screen’s never-ending scroll. There are many obstacles like this to overcome, so the basic tactic is to stay as close to the top as you possibly can, in order to prepare the route you are going to take.

It is a fun game to play, with a decent level of physics happening behind the scenes. Mr Drop rolls and moves well throughout the stages, but I would like him to react to landing and hitting objects with some animations, which would give what you are doing a bit more of a connection.

In every other respect, the graphics are superb, with a wistful monochromatic look that is a delight to see. There are spots of colour here and there, like the invincibility power up, which is a great touch as it serves to highlight the black and white nature of the graphics elsewhere. The developer deserves real praise for what they have achieved here, as the game is a real looker.

Mr Jump has Game Center integration, the ability to share scores on just about every service the iPhone can connect to, and has an option to upgrade to an ad free version, although no ads were displayed in the free version I tested. There is only one mode, which appears to be endless, and I would like another mode, with smaller levels based on one or two puzzles, added. This would expand the horizons of the game and add another dimension to Mr Drop.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with Mr Drop. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay itself is challenging but fun, and the whole package is professional, so Mr Drop comes highly recommended.


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