Mr. Oops!! iPhone Review

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Mr.Oops!! - PONOS

Mr. Oops!! ($0.99) is PONOS’ latest addition to their brilliant ‘Mr.’ series. The principle of the series is to take a simple, accessible concept and execute it well – to create games that are easy to pick up and hard to put down. Mr. Oops!! fits this mould brilliantly.

You swipe on the screen to make a stickman dance his way around boulders, cannonballs and lasers, which fly at him in waves from every side of a 6×6 grid. The proceedings take place over three different stages – each obstacle has its own stage. The longer you last in a stage without getting hit, the more difficult the obstacles become to avoid. At the end, the wave numbers that you reached in each stage are multiplied together to give your final score – so if you get to wave 10 in each stage, your final score will be 1000. It’s an interesting scoring system. Not discovering your score until the end of the game makes it more exciting – you have to wait to find out if you’ve managed to top your highest score.

If the main mode’s too easy for you, doing well in it unlocks ‘inferno’ mode, which is the same main mode, but much, much harder. It really tests your reactions and is ideal if you’re looking for an intense challenge. You can buy a ‘bloody’ mode via in-app purchases, too.

The graphics feel functional without being complicated, as does the interface. Musically, the game’s got an arcade rock soundtrack that suits the frantic gameplay. Of course, you can listen to your own music if it’s not your thing. The sound effects are similar to those used in the other games in the ‘Mr.’ Series – if you’ve played those games, you’ll know how basic, but effective, the effects are.

Overall, Mr. Oops!! is another fun distraction from PONOS. It’s not as addicting as their own Mr. Ninja, but just about betters the other games in the series. I found that after a few hours playing it, I had lost the urge to play it much more. Still, for just 99 cents, you can’t complain about that kind of longevity.

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Mr.Oops!! - PONOS


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