Multiplayer Details Revealed for Infinity Blade Update

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Epic subsidiary Chair Entertainment have released details of the forthcoming versus mode for their highly rated swordfighting epic, Infinity Blade.

The new mode comes as part of an enormous update for the title, which includes a whole load of new single player items, such as magic rings, swords and shields, as well as an entirely new single player game mode, survivor.

There are also new achievements and leader boards, as well as more robust Facebook integration, such as the ability to view your character via your Facebook profile and even upload screens straight from the game.

However, despite all this single player goodness, the most exciting addition has to be the new two player mode.

Matches will take place over the course of seven rounds via Game Center, and will not simply be a case of hero vs hero, as you would expect, but will pit hero vs monster. Each round, one player will play the knight, and one will be the titan, and they are then swapped over for the next round.

It makes things far more interesting, especially as the player controlling the titan will have all new controls.

One great omission is the lack of magic from the multiplayer matches, as this would undoubtedly lead to players spamming magic and results in, hopefully, tighter games.

The completely free update lands on May 19th for iPhone and iPad, so keep an eye out for it.


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