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I always like apps that can replace some of the standard functionality of the iPhone with a more interesting and feature packed offering, but this is always tempered by the need for these apps to be as easy to use as the built-in iOS software.

Luckily, MultiTimer, available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch through the Apple iTunes App Store, gets the balance just right. Replacing the timer functions of the built-in Clock app, MultiTimer offers a richer suite of features with a gorgeous look and attention to detail, while also retaining an easy to use interface.

Essentially, if you are looking at getting a better timer for your iOS device, then look no further, as MultiTimer offers everything you could possibly need, all for free.

The ability to set multiple timers at once is at the heart of this app’s offering. You can create a timer, label it with a custom name, icon and colour, set if off, then create another timer for something else. This functionality is obviously great for managing simple tasks, such as cooking a meal where you have to time different kinds of food at different intervals, but it really shows its true potential when you use it to help manage your day.multitimer

Cooking a meal, going for a jog or getting ready for work can all be set to custom timers, and if you do it right it can really help you to organise, especially in the short-term. One feature that I thought was superb is the overtime, where the app will monitor how much time has passed since you were supposed to start jogging, for example. Overtime starts when you don’t respond to an alert, and can be a great way to keep the pressure on yourself to keep organised.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Simplicity – create a timer instantly by setting only the points of hours, minutes and seconds.
Versatility – add a unique time-matrix of timers to the main app screen, and run any number of them simultaneously or in sequence.
Visual effects – every timer as well as each timing event has got visual effects.
Practicality – your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch will alert you when your timers count down set time periods, even when the app is closed. Thereafter, your timers are going to overtime, so you can see the passed time period.
Personalization and variety – label for each of your timers, choose several colors for a timer and its font, mark your timers with huge number of icons for every occasion.


The app is gorgeous to look at, and I was impressed by the little special effects you get with the clock faces. The app is also very easy to use, and creating and storing timers is as intuitive as you would want, with anyone familiar with iOS able to use any of the features with ease.

There is also support for the Apple Watch, with the app using the new device well, and it does actually feel like the natural home for the app, matching the ‘on the go’ nature of a watch.

Overall, this is a superb free app. With stunning looks and a rich feature set, this is a steal for free, so go ahead and download it with our recommendation.


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  1. Multi-timer’s clean and organized interface is brilliant. The feature of “overtime” can work as a constant reminder of how it’s still not too late to commit to the task. There’s a similar app which I recently came across – Klok . An uncluttered and easy-to-access world time converter app, Klok lets you schedule a meeting across 5 different time zones with just one click. The best feature? The widget stays in Today’s View and can be reached without unlocking the iPhone. Check out the review it received by Tech Crunch guys ( ).

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