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The iOS calendar. While good enough for many, for a lot of people, myself included, it just isn’t enough. While attractive to look at, it lacks many features that are standard in other calendar programs, so there are quite a few apps out there now that use the data from your iPhone’s calendar and displays it in new ways with a whole new raft of features.

One such app is myCal PRO. The first thing you will notice, either from our screenshots here, or when you first boot up the app, is how different it looks. Many ‘replacement’ calendar apps take their visual cues from Apple, attempting to make their apps fit in and look like part of the OS. This app doesn’t do that, instead having a simple visual style, more akin to how calendar apps used to look before iOS.

I love the look. It reminds me of old Amiga, Palm and PC programs in the way it is stylised. Clean and simple with a white background, which makes the coloured fields stand out in a clear way, it really does help the app to distance itself from the main iOS app. In short, I think this is what apps of this type should look like.

It looks a little like the webOS calendar app, no bad thing in my opinion.

Now, on to the features, an area where the app also doesn’t disappoint. Here, in the words of the developer, are the app’s best features:

★ Enhanced Month View that displays actual events (all day, multi day and timed)

★ Adjustable font size on Month View to display even more detail

★ Optional ISO Week Number display on the Month View

★ Enhanced Week View, 7 day split. Each row is scrollable so you can see *all* your events at a single touch. Tap an event to edit, tap and hold to add an event on that day

★ Enhanced Day View that displays much more detail including title, location, calendar name with hyperlink, reminder, birthday and repeat icons

★ Supports both Landscape and Portrait, with full screen options for each

★ Multi day events span across multiple days

★ Uses the internal calendar as its database, no additional syncing required. Any iCal subscriptions already created will be visible in myCal PRO

I love the month view here, with events that take up multiple days covered by thin bars, meaning that events never get in the way of the overall view. The developer has also told me of an update in the works that allows you to start in month view and a few other fixes.

It is extremely easy to add new events, with a quick touch to edit an existing event, or a longer hold to create a new one. It is really a joy to use, and the fact that the app is universal, meaning that it looks and runs just fine on iPad, is just a bonus.

Overall, this has now replaced the standard calendar app in my iPhone, and I highly recommend myCal PRO to anyone wanting to upgrade their calendar, whether that be for work or personal use.

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