NannyHunt iPhone Review

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Determining a responsible and caring childcare provider to watch your precious little ones is a decision not taken lightly. The balance of personality, availability, and price can make the search difficult and overwhelming. To ease this burden is the NannyHunt – Hire a Local Nanny app. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Find experienced nannies with ease and read their reviews with NannyHunt. NannyHunt’s network of local caregivers will help you find a nanny or baby sitter for your child based on what users say about them.

NannyHunt’s expansive nanny network will let you find a nanny near you. Like a social network, the more users you’re connected with, the more well-reviewed nannies you can find.

Search and view our nannys’ profiles, see each nanny’s expertise and caregiver styles, and find a nanny for your child. You can see their references and reviews right from their profile.

NannyHunt takes the important search for a nanny or sitter and displays it in a familiar feeling, social media app that is full of independent providers and easy to browse. Get started by opening the app and choosing whether you are a parent or a nanny. Add your profile information including name, email, and phone number. Once completed, allow access to your location to show all the providers that are available and how far away they are under the Find a Nanny tab, selected on the left-hand menu. Tap on a nanny to see their profile information including their reviews. Select and chat with prospective nannies right in the app, or post a job specifying exactly what is needed and when this includes recurring needs and one-time sitting jobs. Secure digital payments can also be arranged in the app, streamlining the entire booking process.

Sitters and nannies can likewise post their profile with information on their certifications and pricing, opening the door to reply to job postings as well. Networking is key for both parents and nannies as the app utilizes their social media network to find skilled, experienced childcare providers who are personally recommended by trusted friends and relatives. Parents will rate their experience with the providers, and the providers will rate the parents as well, keeping everything transparent for both parties.

I found using the NannyHunt very self-explanatory, with a surprising amount of nannies using the app and listed near me. It was nice to be able to research prospective sitters and being able to view their profiles and reviews is a nice touch. I did find not a lot of users had pictures or completed profiles in the app, which is a bit of a shame. It is hard to judge one’s resume that is not totally filled, though I suppose it is how you might weed out those you aren’t willing to take a chance on. Still, I think it would be great if it was required to have them complete all their information. Aside from this, it is a great idea and I love how they have even included digital payment so I don’t always have to have cash on hand.

There is an added peace of mind leaving your child with a stranger with booking on NannyHunt – Hire a Local Nanny. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play, though some features require a $4.99 monthly subscription.


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