NBA Jam iPhone Review

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NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ - Electronic Arts

Nostalgia has been creeping into the App Store lately. With titles like Sonic the Hedgehog and Grand Theft Auto, apps are appealing to the gamers of old. Super Nintendo in particular had some great titles, and slowly we are seeing some of them turn up in app form.

NBA Jam was an arcade hit, and a game my brothers competitively threw many SNES controllers at the TV playing. Just opening the app brought back memories. I was never a big fan of sports video games as a kid, but NBA Jam’s fiery antics and game play made for a crazy fun basketball game. The app for iOS is no different.

Select from three different modes of play to begin. Play a game instantly by selecting your team and starting a game. Or choose the Classic Campaign and try to beat all the other teams for the championship. Now it wouldn’t be the true NBA Jam if there wasn’t a versus mode. Go head to head with Local Multiplayer and defeat your friends over WiFi or Bluetooth.

All 30 NBA teams are available to choose from. There are even opportunities to unlock other super stars like Scottie Pippen and Dr. J. EA Games has even added secret players for this iOS version. A ton of cheats have also been included, but if you have to unlock them or purchase them in the app’s Jam Store.

First off, I loved how much this game looks like the original, completely fires me up for the game. There is a tutorial level to start, and I highly recommend paying attention to it. The controls definitely take practice and getting used to, but once you get it down it is optimal for the fast pace back and forth. You can also switch between D-Pad and gesture-based controls. What makes this app so much fun is not just seeing your favorite basketball players hooping it up, but the crazy faces and moves they make while doing it. After a few levels I had already unlocked the Big Head feature. This turns my teams into bobble-head like players who make some wild expressions when playing, only adding to my delight as I play.

Of course when you are “On Fire” is when the most fun happens as the dunks and tricks fly. Featuring the voice of Tim Kitzrow the classic catchphrases add to the reminiscent theme, plus a few new ones recorded just for this game. EA Sports has brought the “boomshakalaka” and more when releasing this title. At the mere price of $.99 cents, it is worth every penny.


NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ - Electronic Arts


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