NeuraBoot: Mood Support iPhone Review

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Awareness of one’s health can make a world of difference. When trying to lose weight, logging calorie intake and making food diaries has shown to change the way users consume. The same process may translate into mental health. NeuraBoot: Mood Support encourages logging emotional state to help users with self-care. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

NeuraBoot is a fun, connecting experience to reset your mood and help you develop the best version of you. Help your mental wellbeing with stress relief and mood tracking to follow your emotional journey.

NeuraBoot is designed to help with your self-care. Your mood profile and action steps will help you develop self-awareness and form deeper connections with your support system than you ever thought possible.

We are your partner in feeling better. We get you, and we’ll help your family and friends get you, too.

NeuraBoot markets itself as a gamified emotional support and self-care app. Upon starting the app a pleasant introduction video explains how the app works. Log your emotional state and receive tips and suggestions on how to combat what you are feeling. Track your mood, and engage your support system when needed.

Account creation can be with an email and password or sign-in with a Google or Facebook login. Once set up, finish the profile portion by answering some questions about yourself. Select some methods you use when feeling depressed, anxious, or angry. Then describe yourself in three words. Make a list of a few supporters you go to in a time of need with their contact info. Lastly, answer what is your love language? What helps comfort you?

Start by logging your mood in the My Mood section by sliding your choice to one of the emotions; angry, sad, anxious, and happy. Then lift the measuring dot on the scale rating intensity from one to five. Add additional feelings to describe what has been going on during the day. For example, if you choose happy, you will have additional descriptors to choose from like thankful or loved. Once the mood is logged, a tip for that mood will be displayed. As I logged that I was feeling happy and loved, my tip was about awareness, suggesting daily meditation to increase clarity and focus. A few meditation apps were even suggested to accomplish this, complete with a link to download them. After every mood logged, emotional progress is made and entered into one of five different categories; connections, fuel, energy release, awareness, and challenge.

The app is very simply designed and straight forward to use. Log in, log your mood, receive guidance to proceed. NeuraBoot encourages building a support network knowing no one does this alone and automatically alerts that support system when you need help. I like how this app approaches the sensitive subject of getting in touch with one’s feelings and thought the articles and action steps were actually rather helpful. It feels supportive without feeling preachy. I did find a few typos throughout the app but nothing too distracting.

NeuraBoot: Mood Support focuses on mood management and emotional support to assist users to keep their feelings in check. Their promotion of self-care, stress management, and anxiety relief with tips to build coping skills is a great way for anyone to start with app self-help. The app is available now in the App Store for free.


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