NFL Flick Quarterback iPhone Review

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NFL Flick Quarterback - Full FatThe NFL football season is rushing towards the playoffs and the teams ahead of the pack are all there because of a savvy quarterback. With the help of your iPhone, NFL Flick Quarterback lets you fill the shoes of the most valuable position of the game by training to be a top of the line QB.

Start off by picking one of 32 official NFL teams to play for and customize your player with a number. Learn the basic skills for passing to receivers, dodging defenders and making trick shots using the app’s flick and after touch controls. Full Fat Productions has been on a roll with their 4.5 star rating earlier successes Flick Golf and Flick Soccer and his game is surely to be on the same path. Taking the game of football and whittling it down to one position definitely simplifies the game and makes it fun and focused. The controls are easy to learn but getting the ball where you need it to be can be a challenge. With a little practice though, it didn’t take long to get it down. I was throwing complete passes one after another. So much so that I was moved on from Rookie with a breeze. Delighted as I was, it did get a little repetitive. I expected the level of difficulty to increase as I moved along, but it seemed like as long as I did the same thing on each pass, I just kept succeeding. There is some difficulty added with wind to account for and avoiding on coming defenders from sacks but nothing that can’t be easily overcome.

The most satisfaction comes from amping up your score in Playmaker. There are bonus points and multipliers depending on the passes thrown and completed in a row. Game Center is integrated making it easy to keep track and compare to other players. The high-resolution graphics are really well done and the player animations are definitely a bonus. If there were any real retractions it would be that there were several times I experienced crashing or freezing, usually when there was a notification or some other interruption on my phone or if I had been playing for long period of time. It wasn’t that frequent, but enough to be off-putting. Hopefully this will be addressed in a future update.

If you don’t mind its repetitive nature and love football, it’s definitely a game worth picking up. At $2.99, it’s a bit higher than I would like to see, but this is no doubt due to the NFL tie in, and without that it might not be as big of an attraction. NFL Flick Quarterback is a welcome addition to Full Fat’s variety of flick sport apps and I can’t wait to see what sport they transform next.


NFL Flick Quarterback - Full Fat



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