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Note Anytime - a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad / iPhone - MetaMoJi CorporationThe iPhone, and its beautiful screen, are perfect for note taking, and there are millions of users who have their iPhone setup as their primary note taking device. The only problem is, the iPhone’s built-in note taking app is functional at best, so there is plenty of room for developers to take advantage and create apps that help fill the gap.

Note Anytime is one of the best we have used here at The Smartphone App Review, and we go through a lot of apps like this.

The app manages to tread the fine line between functionality and form, with an attractive and usable interface supported by a wide breadth of features and options that really do make this app stand out.

Here, in the words of the developer, are a few of the app’s best features:Note Anytime Screenshot

### Intuitive User Interface ###
With the 4 simple tools, you can write, jot, and sketch notes. You can easily email or post your notes to your favorite social networks.

Floating Palette: An intuitive tool selection wheel that can easily be positioned anywhere on the document, expanded to access available tools or collapsed to quickly switch into full screen mode.
Quick Interactions: Holding down on the drawing space for a couple of seconds lets users quickly select tools or insert items from the item library. 

### Stylish Writing ###
Choice of Pens: A choice of pens, from simple markers to heavily customizable Calligraphy pens, let you capture your thoughts on the fly. A pen’s thickness, color, and transparency can be easily configured. Additional pen and colors are available from the in-App Store.
Item Library: A number of pre-designed stylish handwritten components and calligraphy can be re-used within a document via the item library. Additional items are available from the in-App Store.
RETINA Resolution Ready: Take advantage of the iPad RETINA display with clear vibrant content.

### Creative Flexibility### 
You can personalize your notes with customizable backgrounds and layouts. Whether you use Note Anytime for a business or pleasure, you’ll find a template that fits.
Paper and Cover Pages: The free version provides a generous number of pre-loaded paper designs from standard notebook and journal designs, through daily and monthly diary planners. Additional paper layouts are also available from the in-App Store.
Photos: Easily add photos to documents, either from existing albums or your camera. These photos can be scaled, rotated, and moved anywhere within the document. 
Text box: Text box support allows you to insert text from the keyboard in addition to handwritten notes. Text boxes can be easily positioned, edited, and customized using scaling and rotation tools. 
Web Page Import: You can easily import webpages and add them to your document.
PDF Import and annotation: Import a PDF document and add any annotations using the available tools, then export as a new PDF. 
Item Library: Users can quickly access reusable content via the Item Library. Pre-made components are available for free, and more can be purchased via the in-App Store. Your own content can also be saved as graphic files to your item library for later re-use.
Content Mash-up: Multiple contents such as handwriting, drawings, typewritten text, web content, and photographs can be placed on a single page.

### Detailed Documents ###
You can create documents that are sharp and vibrant in Note Anytime. When you include PDFs, images, or a photo taken from your tablet, your notes will be stunning on any high resolution tablet. 
Zoom In and Out: Easily zoom in and out of any paper area by pinching in and out to create or edit content.
High Detail Documents: Any content can be scaled down on the available page space, but still viewed at its original or zoomed size at any time through vector based authoring. 
Detail Window: Detail window is available for navigation and editing details. 

### Social Media Capabilities###
Share Created Documents: Quickly send your drawing via email as a Note Anytime document, as a PDF file, or as an image – or publish to your favorite social networking services as Twitter and Tumblr (Facebook soon to be available).

Note Anytime is actually so powerful that I think the developer could easily sell it as a full-on word processor. Some of the features are really impressive, and the level of detail you can go into with each note is staggering. You can even select from a range of pens for the freehand writing.

Overall, this really is superb stuff, and really shouldn’t be passed up on. I would even recommend this for those not even looking for a note taking app specifically, as it just so flexible and useful.

Note Anytime - a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad / iPhone - MetaMoJi Corporation


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