OMG! Fortune Free Slots iPhone Review

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It is very rare that slot machine games on iPhone are actually created with a bit of love and care. Yes, OMG! Fortune Free Slots for iPhone is completely over the top and garishly gaudy, but it is clear that this is actually a well measured game that has had real thought put into its creation and you get the feeling that the developer has genuine affection for the genre.

The game is free to download and play, and there are a lot of in-app purchases here although from my experience with the game they are all optional, and you could easily get a lot of time and fun from this title without spending a penny, which is always a good thing for the player. When games don’t ram purchase down your throat, I feel it makes you more inclined to end up spending and not begrudge it.omgiphone

I did describe this as a slot machine game, and while that is essentially true, there is a lot more here than spinning slots, with a real wealth of mini games, extra modes and challenges that is quite impressive. You will find yourself playing Puzzle Bobble-style games, fighting pirates, slaying dragons, as well as the more traditional casino games, and the developer has more promised for the future.

Here, straight from the developer, are some of the app’s best features:

• Daily FREE coins and spins giveaways!
• WILD features such as expanding wild, exploding sticky wild, random wild and more!
• Super turbo special bonus
• FREE spins extra multiplier
• Amazing original designs and animated FREE BONUS mini-games
• Easy and intuitive user interface with auto play, fast play and a fun slide-to-spin feature that will guarantee hours of fun!
• Keep the fun spinning with NEW games all the time
• LIKE OMG! Fortune Facebook Fan Page to get exclusive gifts and surprises

The animations here are very good, and are a sign of the care that has gone into the game, and another sign is the way the developer has balanced everything out. There is a lot of content here, and it would have been very easy for things to have gone lopsided, or become too repetitive, but the mini games and free spins are doled out at just the right pace, keeping the interest up and stopping boredom from setting in.

Yes, you can splash the cash if you want to, but the developer has, wisely, made sure that you never need to, creating the kind of game that some will spend hours in every day, spending money, while others will dip into every now and then for a spin, never spending anything. Crucially, both sets of players will be kept happy by the balancing in the game.

Overall, I think OMG! Fortune Free Slots treads the ‘IAP’ line very well, providing for all audience types. The animations are very good, and there is a truly impressive amount of content here, with new bits and bobs being added all the time.

Well worth a spin or two.



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