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itunes iconThe idea behind using apps for charitable causes has really taken off and I think it is a great step into really changing the world. Make giving convenient and easy and people will flock to it. One7days by Green Honey is doing just that, bringing awareness right to your smartphone with the option to lend your support for only one dollar a week. Here is the apps full description:

One7days is a micro-donation app for charities that relies on power in numbers. Users can give $1 per week to a different charitable cause with the click of a button. Each week we feature a One7days image 2‘Charity of the Week’ and specify the project and how the funds raised will support the cause. You can go back to ‘Previous Weeks’ to see how much was raised and the positive impact it had.

Users can give $1USD, $1AUD, $1NZD, $1CAD, €1EURO or £1GBP. One7days is the first of its kind where the amount is capped at $52 per annum with no subscription (you choose each week if you want to give), so it is the most affordable and easy-to-use platform for making a difference to up to 52 different causes a year.

How it works…

You will be sent a notification each week advising who the featured charity and project is. When you open the app, it lands on the Charity of the Week page where it displays a button to ‘Give $1’. Click this, and the very first time you give only, it will ask you to either sign in with email or login with Facebook – we do not ask for personal details other than your name and email address. It will then take you to the payment page, where you can donate via PayPal (PayPal account or Credit Card) or Google Play.

Simple, you have just joined the one7days community and helped change the world.

The aim of One7days is to make it hard not to give. Broken down into simple terms, each week a different charity is featured. One dollar, once a week, one minute of time, and only if you want to. Signing up can be through Facebook login or created with an email address. Select your location and opt-in for notifications. You will receive one notification a week highlighting a certain charity. If you are interested in donating one dollar you can, no more, no less. If you are feeling super charitable, you can pay a year upfront of only $52. Payment methods available are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal or Google Play account.

I really love this idea. What I also find comforting with One7days is that each charity is fully researched before you give. These days the world is plagued by fraud and no one wants to find out that they have given money that didn’t go where it was intended. Charities include Whale & Dolphin Conservation, Action Against Hunger, World Vision and Heartfelt just to name a few.

One7days is a revolutionary way to bring awareness to deserving charities and I encourage everyone to sign-up. Like they say, you only have to give if you want. The app is available now in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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