OneSafe Essentials iPhone Review

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Last year, we reviewed the superb OneSafe app, which was an excellent security app for storing all kinds of sensitive data. However, if you didn’t need all the app’s features, it was quite pricey, which is where its little brother, OneSafe Essentials steps in.

OneSafe Essentials offers a lot of password security features for the lower price of $1.99. In fact, the developer has almost overdelivered in terms of features, as it easily eclipses similarly priced apps that don’t provide anywhere near as many options.

The app, like the previous title, is absolutely gorgeous to look at, with a ridiculously stylish design that, once again, puts even the Apple-designed apps to shame. It is all steel; and shiny steel at that, with smooth transitions that really show off the developers talent. Not to worry, this isn’t one of those apps that look really good but are a nightmare to actually use, as this as intuitive as it is attractive.

Here, straight from the developers, are the app’s main features:Onesafe

• Easily create, view and edit items and keep them well-organized
• Take advantage of ready-made templates to enter details quickly
• Easily copy and paste complex usernames and passwords
• Mark any item as a favourite for quick access
• Perform rapid searches with a simple to use but powerful search capability
• Share your data securely in a password protected archive

Safe storage for:
• Credit card numbers
• PINs and entry codes
• Social security numbers
• Bank accounts
• Tax details
• Usernames and passwords
• and much more!

The encryption method is said to be the highest that is technically possible, making for an app that you can trust to store all your passwords and credit card details with no potential for them being hacked or stolen at all.

It is equally easy to organise all your different vulnerable numbers and items with a system that makes copy/pasting, viewing and editing a cinch, and there is even a superb search facility.

Overall, this offers an incredible amount for such a low price point. If you only want pure data, such as passwords, PINs and accounts, then this really is the only app you need, as OneSafe Essentials really is, essential.

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