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OurCam, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, as well as for Android through the Google Play Store, is a superb new way to share photos and memories with selected groups of friends in a secure and fun way.

There are quite a few photo sharing apps available for iOS and Android at the moment, but OurCam has several distinguishing features that really make it stand out from the crowd. First of all, it has a beautiful captioning system that helps you to set the tone of each conversation, which brings me to the second great feature; the way chat has been implemented.

Group photos can be treated as the starting points in chats, with the conversation bubbles perfectly placed and never too intrusive over the image. To get an idea how it works, it is a bit like if each Facebook photo could have its own proper messaging stream, instead of endless comments.

In practice, it is a great system, and something I am sure will be copied elsewhere. The third great feature is the flexibility of the photo albums you can create. Want to share photos from a wedding, but specifically with the other guests? Want to create an album of a great night out, and invite the one person that chose not to come, just to show them how much fun they missed out on? All easy to do here. You can even turn on private mode, and the app acts like a normal camera app without any sharing at all.ourcam

It is this flexibility that really makes the app stand out as a must have, but here are a few of the features, straight from the developer:

• Create groups from your contacts
• Photos taken with Our Cam are instantly shared with the selected group, automagically!
• Group photos by people you shared with
• Share photos privately and securely within the group
• Get notifications when your friends snap new photos for you
• Pause sharing anytime with private mode, and use OurCam like any normal camera app
• Be the first to comment on your own photo to add caption!
• Chat with your friends about the photos shared
• Star photos if you like them
• Add photos taken previously or outside OurCam
• Share photos across multiple OS and social platforms
• Front-facing flashlight for clearer high quality selfies

Another really nice touch is the fact that the app can bring together users of both iOS and Android, as sharing across platforms is very easy. So easy in fact, that you may not even know it is happening, which is the way it should be, no barriers to entry.

The only small complaint I would have is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to invite new users via Facebook or Twitter, as the app limits you to your phonebook. Hopefully this will come in a future update.

That small quibble aside, this is an excellent photo sharing app that ticks all the right boxes. Easy to use and share, with lots of flexibility about who you share with, all wrapped up in a gorgeous design.


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