Peppa’s Seasons: Autumn and Winter iPhone Review

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We have reviewed a few Peppa Pig apps here at The Smartphone App Review, and have always been happy to report that they are usually fully featured and crafted with a lot of care, unlike some licenced apps on the App Store. I am pleased to report that Peppa’s Seasons: Autumn and Winter, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, follows this trend with a wholesome feeling release that is fair on your pocket and great for your kids.

The app is priced at $2.99, which may be off-putting when there are so many free kid’s apps out there, but here the price is absolutely justified and it is a buying decision you will not regret, especially if your little ones are fans of the porky cast of characters that inhabit Peppa’s world. The fact that there are no ads and no after purchase in-app purchases will be refreshing for many.

The theme of the app is the changes between autumn and winter, with the aim being to show kids how the world changes when it moves between these two seasons. To this end, there are four games for kids to play, each with separate gameplay elements and themed accordingly.

There are decorating and creative games, which are great as educational aids, but the highlight for many kids will be the tobogganing race, as it plays really well, is just fast enough and has that ‘one more go’ quality that kids love.

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Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Four fun-filled games that help pre-schoolers understand the change between different seasons – Autumn and Winter.

• Pick seasonal fruit to help Peppa and George make jam, fruit juice or a cake
• Build and decorate a snowman using the large array of props!
• Take part in a tobogganing race
• Explore Peppa’s autumn and winter environment: control the weather; discover animals; jump in muddy puddles; and throw snowballs!

The weather element is well used in one particular game, where you can see the changes the seasons bring and even perform different actions based on the weather. It is actually a great tool to explain the seasons to children.

The app looks fantastic, with images and animation that looks like it does on the TV show. Everything is very bright, bold and colourful and has a genuine premium feel to it.

One particular little feature is the ability to collect stickers that kids can use in a scrapbook. It is a nice little tool, adding a kind of meta game to the app that helps to join all the other activities together and makes the app feel more like the completion of a vision instead of just a collection of games.

Overall, Peppa’s Seasons is a superb kids app that is at the very top end of its field. For sheer quality and content, this gets top marks, but the real plaudits go to the little touches here that the designers knew only (little) fans of the show will notice, and for this it should be applauded.


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