Perfect Piano iPhone Review

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itunes iconApps are here to teach us. From a new language to a new instrument, it’s all from your smartphone. It makes it easy to learn just about anything you want, on your time. For the piano lovers out there, Revontulet Soft Inc. has created Perfect Piano.

Perfect Piano is a universal iOS piano app that lets you learn, perfect and record piano music. Here is the app’s full description:

Use this app to learn to play piano with realistic instrument sounds.Perfect Piano image 2

[ Piano ]
• Support Full Keyboards of Piano.
• Single Row Mode. Dual Row Mode. Two Player Mode.
• Multi-Touch.
• Touch pressure detecting.
• Key width adjustment.
• 9 Keyboards Sound: Acoustic Piano, Music Box, Organ, Synth Bass, Strings Ensemble, Sax etc
• Record and Playback. Support MIDI and Audio.
• Sharing recordings to friends.
• Metronome support.
• Piano Tiles

[ Learn to Play mode ]
• Three difficulty level each song.
• Falling Ball mode.
• Waterfall Mode.
• Music Sheet mode.
• 70 preload Sample songs.
• More Learn to play sample songs downloadable. Song library update every week.

[ External Midi Keyboards over USB ]
• Support for External Midi Keyboards over lightning usb camera adapter. Such as YAMAHA P105, Roland F-120, Xkey, etc.

Perfect Piano opens with a simple interface. Select from Keyboard, Learn to Play or Records List. Keyboard takes you straight there, play what you want with the ability to record what you want. Keep time with the built in metronome that can be adjusted in the settings. Customize the keyboard with single, dual row or two player modes. Sound settings include piano, musicbox, synth bass and organ for free. With a VIP in-app purchase, other instruments like space synth or soprano sax can be unlocked.

The real appeal of Perfect Piano is the teaching aspect. From simple songs like Happy Birthday to Mozart pieces there is a variety of levels to choose from. Practice, Watch and Listen or Pause modes are available learning types to suit any student. Similar to other music learning apps, just press the keys as the colors come down. Slow down the speed of the song to practice the more intricate parts. Once you’ve perfected it, record your progress, or make-up and record your own song.

Perfect Piano is a perfect instrument that fits in your pocket. It is a great teacher and tool to add to your iPhone. Perfect Piano is available in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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