PhoneRescue Mac Review

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Everyone has had that moment of panic. Your phone is broken, old or just plain glitched. Is all of your data lost? Not if you have PhoneRescue by iMobie. Though PhoneRescue isn’t exactly an app, it is a great tool to help recover files you may have thought were lost forever on your iDevice. Here is some of the application’s description:

What is PhoneRescue?

PhoneRescue is an all-around iOS data recovery solution that helps users find back misdeleted, damaged or lost data on iPhone and iPad. It provides 3 safe and reliable ways to ensure the maximum recovery rate: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup, and Recover from iCloud.

What’s new in PhoneRescue 3?

PhoneRescue 3 is a whole new program with the elaborately redesigned UI and tons of new features, for bringing you an utterly worry-free iPhone life.

  • Recovers as many as 25 types of iOS data and files to get your most important info back, such as photos, messages, contacts, etc.
  • Features one of the most requested ability to recover data directly back to iPhone / iPad / iPod touch for instant use, without erasing currently stored data on device.
  • 2X higher recovery rate to save you the most out of a tragic data disaster.
  • Fixes iOS system errors and brings your device back to normal from stuck on white apple logo, reboot cycle, black screen or other system crashes.
  • Simpler navigation with elaborately redesigned UI.

iMobie PhoneRescue makes it easy to recover any and all of your data. Just download the software, select language and install. Some tips that are suggested before running the program are to turn off any background apps, make sure the connection to the computer is secure, and to turn the phone on airplane mode. After you have the phone connected, start PhoneRescue and choose how you would like to recover your data. The software actually lets you recover from the iOS device itself, and iTunes backup or iCloud. If you are not sure how you should proceed, there are some examples of which to choose when rolling the mouse over the options in the recovery mode selection screen to help you out.

There are quite a few recovery programs out there. What I like about iMobie’s is that it walks you through the recovery process, letting you know what to do step by step. When you are going through the stress of losing your most personal data, the last thing you need is a hard to use solution. PhoneRescue even includes iOS repair tools to help resolve other problems like a stuck screen or a phone in recovery mode, common problems that aren’t always easy to fix.

Users can download PhoneRescue 3 for both Mac and Windows platforms on The download is free and a license starts at a low $49.99. Not all is lost when your phone breaks, as long as you have Phone Rescue.


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  1. Ms. Watson, have you tried this app? As I type, PhoneRescue has been saying “analyzing your phone, please wait” for more than 15 hours now.

    It’s frustrating, to say the least… and in the end, I’m worried that because they don’t give any status update messages during the analysis phase, their software may be locked up and useless already.

  2. Michael Wiedhopf on

    Your product is lousy and your service sucks!
    I wasted my money buying your product and I will make sure as manay people as possible will get my feedback

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