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Pick1, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is a great way of finding shared interests and taste similarities between friends and family in a neatly visual way.

The app aims to build bridges between you and others by connecting you via shared choices and tastes, with an interesting take on what you may consider to be a quiz app. There are quiz elements to be found, but the aim is to cooperate with your friends to find interesting results, instead of competing with them as you would in quiz apps and games.

The app simply asks you to ‘pick 1’, from a variety of questions to get a better understanding of your tastes, likes, dislikes and your opinion of yourself and others, with the idea being that you then compare and contrast these results with those of your friends and family. It is done in quite a clever way, with quirky visual questions, some with famous characters and some with theoretical situations, and the task is always to pick one answer. The more you answer, the more the app finds out about you, and the more interesting the results become.pick1

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

One pair, two choices, pick one!

Play “would you rather …?” – Which restaurant is better? – What should I wear today? – Learn more about your followers with lifestyle preferences – Consensus for life decisions – What’s a better product? – What’s a better book? song? movie? – Who should I date? – Travel preferences for destination, airline, sights to see

Let your voice be heard!

Now, the questions and themes are all pretty fun and engaging, but the real meat of the app is in comparing results with others, and finding our who you are similar to, and who you may be surprisingly different from.

You create your profile, then follow other users and they can in turn follow you, in a similar way to Twitter. Once you finish a question, anyone who follows your profile will get a quick notification to let them know their opinion is required, and they then complete the same question. You can then take a look at what peoples preferences are compared to yours.

It sounds simple, but in practice it is actually pretty fascinating to see how your tastes and opinions stack up against others.

Pick1 is an interesting experiment, and one that I feel pays off. With a nice clean look, engaging questions and compelling social aspect, I feel that if you only pick one app today, then ‘Pick1’ should be it.



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