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Social networks really, really do not like GIF files. While they may be the mainstream everywhere else on the Web, in every comment section, message board and Website, on sites like Facebook, they are not allowed.

Which means that you can’t really use them to express your self to friends that only really use social networks to communicate. What is worse is that even many popular messaging apps do not support them. It is a shame, because GIFs are fun.pixit chat

Luckily, Pixit Chat is here to save the day, sort of. Pixit Chat is a messaging service built around GIFs, so while it can’t make Facebook support GIFs, you can at least invite your Facebook friends to this app. It is a bit like texting in Tumblr, if that makes any sense.

It works brilliantly, and proves that GIFs are a great way to communicate. You can literally have entire conversations using these cool looping little animations, and it can be hilarious. The cleverest part of the app is the fact that the app will auto populate the GIF according to what you type. It essentially means no having to create your own GIFs for each message, but you can choose from a massive variety of ready-made solutions.

You can even highlight individual words and get GIFs tailored to them.

Group chats are supported, in addition to one to one messaging, and there is full integration with your contacts.

The app is very attractive and easy to use, with a flamboyant style that suits the ethos of using GIFs very well. The GIFs themselves load up very quickly, unlike on many sites where you have to wait for them to play. The overall performance is very impressive.

Pixit Chat is the most fun we have had here at The Smartphone App Review with a new messaging app, for a long time. The last time an app like this caused such a buzz was probably when What’s App released way back when.

A super fun messaging app that adds a little extra to your chats, Pixit Chat is excellent.


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