Poptalk iPhone Review

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itunes iconThere are all kind of messaging apps these days. We all want to stay in touch, and if there is a more creative way to do it, then we’re game. From Facebook to SnapChat, the messengers just keep coming. Poptalk for iPhone adds a visual element to this classic messenger premise to keep everyone in touch.

Poptalk by Infinity Quick, Inc. is a messenger app that wants you to not only message your friends, but see them as well. No Facetime video here, just a custom avatar that represents how you look and feel during the conversation. Here is the app’s full description:

Bring your messaging to life with Poptalk. Create your own unique avatar with custom appearance, clothes, accessories, and more. Poptalk’s intuitive animations help you speak from the heart.Poptalk image 2

What you’ll love about Poptalk:

ANIMATIONS: Send emotes like LOL, OMG, or 🙂 and your avatar will express the emotion in a manner that goes way beyond simple text. Try a few to see what your avatar can do!

CUSTOMIZATION: Change your avatar’s hair, clothes, and accessories as often as you’d like. With loads of items available, you can customize your avatar’s look for any occasion.

CHANGE LOCATIONS: Quickly change the location of each conversation. Select from spots including: a nightclub, coffee house, gym, bedroom, and more!

SAVE OUTFITS: Save different combinations of hair and clothing to your Wardrobe to wear later. Messaging from the beach? Choose your swimsuit/sandals combo. At a club? Maybe something a little more formal. Mix and match clothing and accessories to see what you can come up with!

FREE: Poptalk’s free to install and use, with no advertising! 🙂


Want to learn more about Poptalk? You can visit our website @ http://poptalk.me

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NOTE: Poptalk uses your phone # to setup your avatar and therefore requires an iPhone 4+. Poptalk does NOT support iPod and iPad devices at this time.

To begin, you will want to customize your avatar. From facial features and clothing, right down to the accessories. Pick a scene to begin your conversations in like a bedroom or the beach. Next find some friends. Register with Facebook to add or invite people you already know. Now get chatting.

As you talk to your friends your avatar will animate according to what you are saying. If you say “Goodbye”, your avatar will wave. Your avatar and scene can be changed at any time. Some of the items cost coins to add but it is pretty easy to earn more. For one, you earn 500 coins just for signing up. You can also buy more as an in-app purchase. Outfits are saved so you can switch back and forth with ease.

Poptalk was very easy to set up and I loved how many options were available to customize my avatar. I could really create my character how I wanted. It was also fun and very reminiscent of old Yahoo avatars. It feels like an old school approach to messaging, but works for me because of the uniqueness and nostalgia. Younger users could really get a kick out of it, and may even feel a bit safer using the avatar over just putting your own picture on the internet. Even better, the app is free with no ads to junk up the screen.

Poptalk is a cute, quirky little app that is fun and lets you express yourself with more than just words. It is available for free now in the App Store and compatible with iPhone.




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