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itunes iconThe motto, “There’s an app for that,” rings true in some categories. Productivity has many odds and ends. For one, apps in the coaching field have been popping up more and more. Possession by John Shackelford aims to make every soccer coach a seasoned pro.

Possession collects and tracks soccer statistics then lets you share it all with the whole team. Here is the app’s full description:

Collect, track and share soccer statistics with ease.Possession image 2
Record and share game statistics easily with the coach, manager, team parents and other fanatics. You’ll love this!

With this app you’ll be able to record:
Time of Possession

These are basic and interesting statistics that most coaches love to know during and after each match. With Possession – you’ll be able to record these stats during the game – easily – and then share the Match Reports with the coach to help understand what the heck happened during the game!

Possession gives any soccer coach the ability to easily track scores, shots and corners during the game. Assign the team names, mark the gender of the players and their age. Set the timer and keep track of how long each team has the ball. Once all the data is collected from the game you can email the statistics to selected recipients – coaches, team members or even parents. The app also keeps a history of the game data entered, recording wins, losses and draws.

Possession is definitely specific to the game of soccer and can be helpful to anyone wanting to keep a comprehensive report of their team. The price is a little steep though, coming in at $10.99. This is a little rich for my blood, especially since there are cheaper apps out there with the same features.

Possession is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is available now in the App Store.


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  1. I think the key difference – in fact the focus – with Possession is the ease of use while doing stats of a game and being able to send out Match Reports. The app’s strength is making the job of capturing stats very easy AND also sharing match reports very easy – whether during a game or after. While recording a game – it takes 3 simple taps to move from game view to mail view to send out a match report and to return back to game view – virtually missing nothing during the game. Competing apps are not nearly as easy to use. That is the hallmark of this app.

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