Powwownow iPhone Review

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Powwownow - PowwownowNow, that title is a mouthful isn’t it? Powwownow is a strange and long name for an app, so it is lucky then that it is such a strong app, and one that provides a point of entry to an excellent service.

Powwownow is essentially a conference calling service for business users, although regular users will no doubt find a use for it. The service allows you to join or create a conference call between several users, with the key benefit being the cost. The cost of a conference call is equal to that of calling a 0844 number in the UK, which is about £2.58 for four people, which as the Powwownow Website points out, is considerably cheaper than the £16.98 that BT would charge you for the same privilege.

The service is great, and has been going since 2004, so you know this isn’t just some flash in the pan free calls scheme, but something that large businesses have been adopting and using as a cheap alternative to traditional services whilst still retaining all the features they would come to expect.

The app itself is actually pretty good, and is as streamlined as it is effective at what it does, and actually proves to be indispensable to someone who uses the service as a fundamental way to communicate within their company.

The Powwownow app for iPhone and iPad allows you to participate in conference calls via your phone, which is reason enough to download and try it out all on its own, but it also sports a variety of extra features that may mean it could actually replace the main service front end for many users.

Perhaps the most impressive function is the ability to set up a call scheduler with you colleagues using the app. It is a great feature and is sure to save a lot of time, particularly if everyone is using an iPhone, and the call alert function that uses emails is very welcome, although adding the feature of using iOS alerts would be nice.

It is even possible to manually join calls, even when you don’t have a specific invitation to the call if you know your way around the scheduler.

However, for regular users, the very best feature of this app is definitely that fact that it stores your PIN and dial-in number automatically, meaning no scrabbling around trying to find your PIN and the correct call in number every time you want to join a call.

Overall, this is a good app that really brings out the best in the Powwownow service, and one that proves itself to be an invaluable addition to the iPhone business app line up. The fact that you can make these calls so cheaply, with great rates on international calls, means that conference calling is now not such an expensive option for potential users. With the need to constantly watch the clock for fear of being hit with a whopping call charge now a thing of the past with conference calling, Powwownow must find a place on your iPhone.

Powwownow - Powwownow


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