PreggoBooth iPhone Review

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PreggoBooth - We Made It LLC[T]he Entertainment category in the App Store is already over run by prankster apps and fart noises galore. Though every once in a while you find a gem that is actually entertaining. PreggoBooth by We Made It LLC brings something new to this category with an image altering app of sizable proportions.

PreggoBooth, as the name implies, is a camera booth that simulates what a person would look like pregnant. The app changes a profile image to show the stages of pregnancy at three, six and nine months pregnant.

The app is very simple to use. Just take a picture within in the app, using the drawn profile to match up the person’s figure for best results. You will definitely need someone to shoot this profile photo for you. There is also an option to use an existing picture in you camera library if you choose. For best results I found taking the picture with good lighting was a must, otherwise the photo looked more morphed than anything else.

Next match up the built in markers to where the chest, belly and buttocks are in the picture. Be as precise as possible. The app not only allows you to move the markers but rotate them as well to get the best alignment. You can also make them bigger or smaller according to the person’s individual size. Once your markers are in position, just hit the “Go” button and presto! You have a pregnancy photo, complete with different stages. Just swipe the screen to see the stage progressions. Your results are saved to your photo library, including the 3, 6 and 9 month stages. You can also go back and edit the picture more to refine your results.

PreggoBooth is not just a fun tool to see what ladies would look like pregnant, but also a great prankster app to morph anyone’s body type. Maybe add a beer belly to your guy friends just for laughs. Then share them via email, MMS, Facebook or Twitter. We Made It LLC does post a reminder in the app’s description that PreggoBooth is just for fun and in no way simulates a realistic pregnancy, so just keep that in mind.

PreggoBooth is enjoyable, entertaining and works exactly as advertised. The app is currently available for iPhone and iPod Touch for the small price of $0.99.



PreggoBooth - We Made It LLC


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