Preview: Dolphin Play for iPhone

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If you have been anywhere near a desktop PC or laptop in the last couple of years, then you will most likely be familiar with Living 3D Dolphins, a popular screen saver.

When I say popular, I mean it, as this is the most downloaded screen saver ever, with over 6 million downloads.

Recharge Games hopes to emulate that incredible success with Dolphin Play, an iPhone version of the screen saver, although to call this version a mere screen saver would be a bit of an injustice, as this is a fully interactive game where you feed, play and even buy and sell Dolphins. Think Nintendogs in the water and you will get the idea.

With 5 Dolphins and 50 fish to mess about with, content shouldn’t be a problem, and the graphics have a nice Ecco the Dolphin vibe to them, as you can see from our screenshots, and there are even mini games to keep you occupied.

The game looks interesting, so expect a full review within the next few days, as it is released tomorrow.









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