Puppy Sanctuary iPhone Review

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We reviewed the previous game in the ‘Sanctuary’ series, Kitten Sanctuary, a few months ago, and liked it so much we awarded it a massive 89%. So, does Puppy Sanctuary, the latest from Clockwork Pixels, keep up the fine work of the first game, or is it a poorer cousin?

I am happy to report that Puppy Sanctuary is an excellent game, and one that keeps the quality standard of iOS apps from Clockwork Pixels. With this, Kitten Sanctuary and the great Darkside, the developer has a growing library, and a growing reputation, on iPhone and iPad.

The main difference between the two games is that this is a free title, with a single IAP to unlock the rest of the game. This is a good move by the developer, and an intelligent use of in app purchases that is more like the old shareware vision of software design. Hopefully, it will mean a bit more success for this release, which will filter down to the other games. What do you mean, you haven’t played Darkside yet?

OK, in terms of gameplay, this title is very similar to Kitten Sanctuary, which means it is a clever match three puzzler with a whole loads of cool mini games and a Tamagotchi style puppy raising meta game. It works just as well as the first game, and is in some respects superior, with some of the levels slightly edging it in terms of design. What stands out for me are the sheer quality of the mini games. The Puzzle Bobble stlye bubble shooter could easily be repacked as a standalone app.

Here is a quote from our Kitten Sanctuary review to give you a bigger idea of the game:

The actual match three part of the game is robust and enjoyable, with the main point being that the game allows you to slide pieces diagonally as well as vertically and horizontally, which adds a whole level of tactical depth to the gameplay. There are many power ups available, from simple explosions and mixers to more elaborate things like the super kitten power up that lets you point to an area to be cleared.

There are 100 levels to complete, and some of them are complex and have multiple areas. The layout of the blocks and the way they are constructed is really good, but if you don’t like it there are a few ways that you can change things around. Tile movement can be set to standard, where they fall from the top of the screen when repopulating, or dynamic, where they simply pop into place. There are three difficulty levels, easy, which is great for kids, normal, which adds a time limit and tricky, which adds pesky red squares right off the bat.

It is extremely addictive and great fun, and keeps you coming back for more, and the fact that there are bonus levels that switch the gameplay around adds to the enjoyment.

If you have an iPad as well as an iPhone, then this is even more of an essential purchase as the game actuially includes different levels for each platform- a sterling effort from the developer. Overall, this is another quality release from Clockwork Pixels, and will be a nice way for fans of Kitten Sanctuary to get its sister release.

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Puppy Sanctuary - Clockwork Pixels


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  1. Sierra Coswell on

    I downloaded this game today and BAM! Just like that, I was HOOKED! After the first couple levels i immediately upgraded to the full version via the 99 cent IAP. I think its great that there are no other IAPs because as everyone knows they are super annoying and rarely can you have a good ammount of fun in those games without shelling out the $. Lovely game. Very crisp, fresh graphics. A lot of attention to details and gameplay. Overall a must have. Even if you’re not a person for the puzzle match 3 variety you HAVE to try this. It’s, put simply, INCREDIBLE! Now stop reading this and go download it!

  2. Sierra Coswell on

    Yes, you can brush, feed, pet, and play with the 40 collectable adorable puppies. And the scenes of sanctuaries you can collect are amazing, breathtaking graphics. The whole game is.

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