Push The Cap! iPhone Review

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I like simple mobile games. Yes, you can have super complex 3D games that are not far short of what a console can produce, on an iPhone these days, but a large part of mobile gaming remains in the domain of the simple mini game.

Push The Cap! definitely falls into the category, as it is simple, yet playable and fairly addictive. I would actually go as far to say that this is a little too simple, as with a few additions, this could be a very good game, but the lack of options and variety ultimately holds it back.pushthescapiphone

The basic premise of the game is to push a bottle cap around a course without hitting the sides. You have ten minutes to get as far as possible around the looping course, with the idea being to achieve as good a score in this time as you can.

You push the cap by flicking your finger, or thumb, behind it, and it will shoot off in the direction of the push, at a speed in relation to how hard you pushed. It is tricky not to hit the sides, but the collision detection is spot on, and the course itself is well designed with decent turns and well worked tight spots. It pays to go slow, at least until you learn the course.

The game keeps your best score, and you can post your times to Facebook, which is a nice addition. The graphics are of the ‘doodle’ variety, with the track drawn on a sheet of paper, it looks fine but lacks originality.

The problem with the game is the fact that there is only one course. Yes, have this main course, as a time based mode, but also have another mode where there are many shorter courses, or at least a few puzzle based levels. It really does feel like the start of a decent game, rather than the finished article.

The developer has got the toughest part, the gameplay, just right, they just need to add a lot more levels and options.

The game is free, which is definitely a good thing and the music, graphics and gameplay are all solid. The game is based on a good idea, it just needs a lot more content to be a success. Still, it is worth a download as the one level that is included is a good one.


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