QuikLee: Karate for your Mind iPhone Review

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Feeling dull and not as quick at problem-solving as you used to be? QuikLee: Karate for your mind is here to sharpen those reflexes and overall skills of the mind. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

QuikLee is a mobile game that challenges your general knowledge and cognitive skills. The game may ask you to solve a problem, complete a task, or answer an interesting trivia question. You earn points when you answer a question or complete the task before time runs out.

Challenge your family and friends. Play against anybody through out the world. Build rivalries against your opponents. Earn belts as you get better and win challenges.

QuikLee – Karate for your mind

QuikLee begins with a tutorial that guides the player through the aspects of the game. The first instruction is to always pay attention to the banner at the top of the screen, it tells you just what you need to do. In the knowledge game, you are presented with trivia questions that you must answer quickly before the timer runs out. If not, time penalties are added for answering incorrectly or letting the time expire. Answer questions correctly and earn a new type of skill for the skills challenge. The skills challenge runs through different puzzle types, picture puzzles, placing items in an order, etc. As you learn a skill, you will use it in future games. Earn new karate belts as you complete challenges and advance in the game.

You can play the app as a single player or challenge a friend. Invite friends to the app to play by connecting your contacts on your iPhone or with a Facebook login to look for friends that are already players. You can also play users that have already joined QuikLee. Just play the challenge and the opponent will play theirs when they are next online. Results of the winner will display once both players have completed the challenges.

As you compete against each opponent, two tiny icons in the timer at the top of the screen karate chop away showing who is winning the match. As you accomplish more and more, points are awarded on your profile. The more that is awarded, the higher belt level you can achieve. This will help you against other players in future competitions, but be aware, the puzzles and questions get harder and harder. I myself struggled quite a bit with solving the math bits in the time allotment.

I found QuikLee very entertaining, and very challenging. I enjoyed going against other players, even when we were unequally matched. I felt I got better the more I played and I actually liked the fact that I wasn’t competing the person live. One criticism I do have is there wasn’t any music of any sort. There seemed to be a few sound effects in gameplay, like during the break the boxes challenge, but other than that it is completely silent. Just seemed like an odd choice not to have some kind of background noise. Other than that, I loved all of the brain teasers, interesting trivia, problem solving, and other crazy things that were thrown at me.

If you are interested in really developing your cognitive skills in a fun and competitive way, this app is just the way to do it. QuikLee: Karate for your mind is available in the App Store now for free.


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