Racing Rivals iPhone Review

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There are literally hundreds of racing games on iOS, from just about every genre of racing that you could possibly think of, yet all of them are hindered by a common obstacle: the controls. Touch screen racing was always going to be tricky, especially for the more precise games that require perfect input, but Racing Rivals has managed to strip the genre down to its basics and has given us a clever new way to play.

Racing Rivals is all about ‘Fast and Furious’ style street drag racing. The game is all about timing your launch against your competitor, and then subsequently, timing your gear shifts to keep the upper hand on your opponent until the end of the strip.

Viewed from a side on perspective, you zoom along in souped up street cars and super cars, with the neon lit city streaming away behind you. This is the perfect perspective for this game, as finishes can come down to the real wire, with millimetres separating you and your opponent.

Here, straight from the developer, are the best features of the game:


Can you handle true head-to-head, player-vs-player racing? Race against live opponents for real competition in our engaging multiplayer racing system. Compete against players from around the world and see where your skills stack up! Experience intense drag racing where milliseconds separate the racers from the posers!

Put everything on the line when you race! Race for cash, glory, and your car in the ultimate pink slip battle. The stakes are high and the risk is real!

Featuring stunning detail, realism and graphical fidelity, Racing Rivals brings high-resolution and realistic lighting to your smart device, blurring the lines between next-gen consoles.

Tune your car with our unique in-depth upgrade system that allows precision tuning which will put even the biggest car enthusiast to the test with upgrades spanning multiple categories and sub-categories. From aero kits to turbochargers to internal engine parts like crankshafts and pistons, every decision will affect your performance. Show off your style with stunning paint jobs, custom rims from the biggest players like Volk Racing, Pacer, and SSR and real world tires from Nitto!

A vibrant community of car enthusiasts is at your fingertips. Chat and make friends, spectate on live races, form loyal teams, and smack talk your rivals!

Racing Rivals presents a huge collection of licensed cars ranging from tuners and exotics to classic American muscle. Featured brands include McLaren, Subaru, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Ford, RWB, Scion, BMW, Acura and SRT with more on the way!

Each race can become pretty exciting, and split second mistakes can cost you. There is a full single player campaign mode, where you take on CPU players, but the real fun here is playing against real players via Game Center online play. It is here that the game really comes alive.

You can bet on the outcome of races, which really does add a competitive edge to the game. The game is free, with plenty of IAPs to buy money for betting and other things.

The graphics are pretty good, and the cars look really nice, and it is obvious that the developer spent a lot of time getting them to look as good as they do. You can customise each car in the game, right down to the bare bones, and believe me, it really does make a difference to the performance of the cars.

Overall, this is a very decent game. Although it is essentially a test of timing, and not driving, the competitive nature of the online racing, and the ability to properly customise your car, ultimately makes this a more than worthwhile download.



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