Rat On A Skateboard iPhone Review

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Rat On A Skateboard - Donut GamesRatty the Rat is back in Donut Games Rat On A Skateboard. Test your skills by kick-flipping Ratty through obstacle ridden, endless random levels Banana Harbor and Power Stunts. Both challenge you to navigate Ratty through an obstacle course while doing tricks and collecting cheese to up your points. Banana Harbor adds raining banana peels to your difficulty while Power Stunts drops never ending bouncing basketballs. Both will equally trip you up. Both randomly generate
the tracks making them completely different each time so you can’t just rely on your memory to get through. Very tricky stuff.

In addition to the endless levels, there are 40 challenge levels for specific trick mastery. Each requires a certain score to unlock the next, and all have up to 3 stars to be achieved with scores attached to each one to complete. High scores can be gotten by doing multiple in-air flipkicks and grabbing power-ups to perform power stunts. Game Center support enables you to submit your scores online to compare with friends and fellow competitors.

I am definitely a fan of Donut Games and love the simplicity of their apps. They are perfectly designed to fit the small mobile screens and easy to learn and maneuver. Ratty had all of these aspects going for it as well. Gameplay was smooth and Ratty moved exactly as I commanded. My only issue with the game was achieving the scores required to earn stars. Aside from collecting cheese and stars or doing kick-flips, I didn’t seem to earn points consistently. I really had to play the levels over and over just to increase my score by a few points. Now maybe I am just impatient, but eventually I got frustrated and put it down. Still very replayable if you are really determined to beat those scores. The best aspect is that it isn’t an investment of a game but more of a pick-up and play time waster that comes in handy for any occasion.

Rat On A Skateboard is a universal app and available for $.99 cents in the App Store.


Rat On A Skateboard - Donut Games



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