Rawr Messenger: 3D Chat iPhone Review

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Rawr Messenger represents an underused method of chat on mobile, and brings a whole new dimension to chat rooms. 3D avatars are the order of the day here, and luckily, they are done really well in Rawr.

Looking very much like Microsoft’s Xbox Avatars, these 3D characters are far more involved and central to the app’s success. The use of real characters to express your emotions is a great idea, and is very well implemented here.

You start off by creating your avatar, with a decent raft of options available in the creation tool. Once done, you can then dress them up to your heart’s content, with a surprisingly large set of clothes and items available. Some are free, but you can also purchase many with a set of in-app purchase options.rawr

You can change a whole multitude of things in the app, with different backgrounds, emoji and even weather effects possible.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

• AVATAR – Create your 3D self, pick your look from the wardrobe and snap a fun selfie.
• MESSAGING – See you messages come to life as they are performed by your 3D self.
• NEW FRIENDS – Globetrotter connects Rawrers around the world – it’s like modern-day Pen Pals.
• EMOJI – Take your emoji game to a whole new level with emoji effects.
• BACKGROUNDS – Change chat backgrounds and hang out in cool locations.
• WEATHER – Use the weather effects to change the environments in chat.
• STORE – Grab exclusive trending and partner items.
• FREE* – Rawr uses your internet connection (2G, EDGE, 3G, 4G or WiFi (when available). In App purchases available.

Watching your own creation interacting with others from around the world is very cool, and is sure to be something that will attract millions of users. However, there is a big feature missing: group chat. I feel that this is really what the app needs to push forward and start taking users away from some of the bigger services. I am sure the developer is aware of this and has plans for the inclusion of group chat in the future.

The avatars themselves are very well designed, and look great in the iPhone’s high-resolution screen. They are animated really well, and their expressions and movements really do convey emotions realistically.

The whole idea is sound, and the developer has implemented things really well. Hopefully they will push on and keep adding items and features as time goes on. If you are looking for a chat experience with a difference, and one that has a lot more personality and customisation than almost any other out there, then Rawr Messenger is well worth a second look.


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