Reckless Getaway iPhone Review

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Reckless Getaway - PolarbitBrought to us by Polarbit, the developer behind the equally raucous game, Reckless Racing, Reckless Getaway is a thrilling ride in a robbers getaway car that is as addictive as it is satisfying.

The game reminds me a little of Calling All Cars, a PlayStation Network title, in the way it approaches the racing genre, although the viewpoint and objective are different. Here, the aim is to escape the police while accumulating the highest possible score.

Viewed from a perspective that is halfway between a top down viewpoint and a traditional behind the car view, you must drive, jump and bash the police, and anyone else unfortunate to share a road with you, in order to keep your score rising. You get points for destroying other vehicles and the destructable scenery, but if you wreck your car, points are removed. The points system in linked in with gaining stars that unlock new tracks, and it’s here that the game shines, as you get a little meter showing you how many stars you are currently going to get, so it is a real incentive to play well.

The tracks are littered with coins, which are the quickest way to boost your points, and the coins are strategically placed around each stage to entice you into taking risks with big jumps and narrow stretches of road. The cool thing here is that, while you can’t turn around and go back the way you came, you aren’t limited just to the road, as there is room for you to explore areas to the sides of the road, and it’s here that the biggest risks and rewards can be found. There are power ups to collect, such as speed boosts, EMP’s and jumps, and these add another dimension to the play without over influencing it.

The levels start out with pretty simple highways, but you will soon discover off-road sections, drainpipes and some truly spectacular jumps across massive gaps that look like roller coaster rides. It is really exhilarating to jump over hundreds of feet of empty air, chased by a load of police cars.

The thing that really makes the game is the controls and feel of the car, which the developer has got absolutely spot on, with just the right amount of sliding to make you feel like a getaway driver, but to also never really have the feeling of losing control. It’s clear there has been a lot of work here, and it has paid off.

There is full Game Center integration, with leaderboards and achievements, always a nice plus.

The graphics are good, with very little slowdown or dropped frames, even at times when the roads are full, and the music complements the action well. The game is quite difficult, especially when you are trying to unlock the later stages and have to perform really well on the levels you have already finished.

The trick to the game is learning where all the prize jumps and coins are, which can be a tough task. A task that is made too difficult by the one real problem with the game, the camera angle. As I have said before, it sits in the middle of the more established viewpoints, and in my opinion gets the worst of both worlds. A game where you go as fast as you do in this one needs a camera that allows you to see ahead of you, and here you just can’t, not enough to be able to react in time to a lot of the dangers and collectables. If they had lowered the angle just a few degrees, just enough to see another ten percent in front of you, then this game would rocket to the top of my favourite mobile driving games.

Despite this, you will have a great time with this one, a rocking good drive, and one that I’m sure you will come back to time and again, I know I have.

Highly recommended.

Reckless Getaway - Polarbit


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