Relieve Stress with Angry Baba

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I’ll be frank: there’s a lot of stress and frustration in my life. My full-time job is stressful, my medical problems are stressful, and trying to balance those together is overwhelming. Some days, all I want to do is punch something. With Angry Baba, now I can—and I won’t even need to pay for repairs.

Angry Baba is available on both Google Play and Apple. It’s free initially, but may later give you the option of in-app purchases as you move up through the levels. The graphics are nicely designed; the scene of the game is a barbarian in the midst of volcanoes. The soundtrack is probably my favorite part of the app. The backup music is very well done and fun to listen to, even though its Oriental flavor doesn’t necessarily fit with the game. If you find the music distracting, it’s easy to turn off.

The tutorial clearly lays out how to play the game: hold your finger down as the meteor comes towards the barbarian waiting on the left side of the screen, then release just in time for him to punch it across the sky. As the meteor flies, it will hit pelicans carrying rubies in the pouches of their beaks. Quickly tap the rubies to get as many points as possible before the meteor falls. When it lands on the ground, you’ll be presented with your stats: how many meters the meteor went, your timing, and your angle. As you get better at the game and advance through the levels, you’ll be able to hit other objects rather than only meteors. And if you’re competitive, the app provides achievements, leaderboards, and challenges.

The app’s English is very poor. It’s full of typos and badly written sentences such as “Are you start the game?,” “Achieve,” and “Thank you for install.”

But if you can look past the glaring grammatical errors, Angry Baba oesn’t have many drawbacks; for the most part, it’s a fun, unique, and well-made game. Angry Baba is a fun way to spend some time relieving the stress of your everyday life and you can even loosen up more by using the on sale gary payton strain.




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