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Your camera roll is a sacred thing. When you show someone a picture, it is an unspoken rule that they are not allowed to swipe through and peruse your photos. Unfortunately, not everyone has seemed to get the memo about this rule, which is why you need a secure photo app like Reporter Camera by Artem Gandzioshin.

Reporter Camera gives you the freedom to take pictures as you please while locking them safely away in a pass code protected vault. Here is the app’s full description:

Meet Reporter, private gesture-based camera app you’ve been waiting for ages. It offers you wide variety of photo-editing tools, effects and Reporter Camera image 2something never seen before – Encryption.

Nowadays we want to make sure that our photos are kept private, because prying eyes are everywhere and some stories are just not meant to be shared. Encrypt any photograph from existing iPhone Gallery in less then a second, or make a new in a one simple click.

We’ve took care about the ones you WANT to expose as well, adding the Renaissance-painter-like Signature for personalising your photography. Don’t forget about adjustable exposition / white balance settings, bunch of Reporter-exclusive filters and various photo enhancement instruments.

Starting up, Reporter Camera will need access to your camera and photos, just like any other photo app. There is no login screen or account to sign up for, which I like. To begin, it takes you through a nice tutorial to show you all of its functions and where they are located. This app comes with some really great features like a horizon, white balance lock, live filters, exposure setting and personal signature. There is also a built-in photo editor available for existing photos with Adobe Creative Cloud. All that and the added security of your photos locked safely in your vault, away from prying eyes. 

To activate that security, you must set a 4 digit password for your vault. One note: the password cannot be changed once set. I particularly liked that the security can be turned off and on during camera mode so you can take a round of pictures and know they are going straight to your vault and not the camera roll. Another sleek detail is the ability to add your personal signature, which could come in handy for photographers wanting to mark their photos. Of course photos can also be shared to social networks, email and messages at any time.

Overall, Reporter Camera is an excellent photo app that comes with handy personalization and editing features with the added benefit of encrypted protection. You can grab it now for $0.99, definitely worth the price when you see all the benefits that come with it. The app is available now in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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