Retro Racing Removed from App Store

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Jamie Woodhouse, the developer of the sublime Retro Racing, which we have covered extensively on the site, not only featuring a full preview and including it in our games to watch in 2012 feature, but awarding it a fabulous 91% in our review, has let us know that the game has been removed from the App Store.

The removal is very much temporary, and is due to Jamie moving his developer account with Apple from a personal to a business account, which had the odd upshot of meaning that he no longer has a proper contract with Apple. It is complex, and does seem really unfair, especially when the game has been doing so well, but Jamie is remaining upbeat:

“I guess I feel a mix of emotions right now. A bit gutted, it all happened at the worse possible time (as I got exposure in The Sun). Upset and concerned over lost sales. Small, vulnerable, isolated; it’s just me on my own here, and I do literally everything and often feel I over stretch myself. I had no co-workers for support (or to bitch and moan to).

I also feel quite philosophical and hopeful.

Sometimes, the ‘bad’ things that happen to us, are the best possible things that can happen to us. They’re just exactly what we need, to change and grow and evolve, in the way we need to.”

Hopefully all the problems can be sorted out, although the fact this happened just before the weekend hasn’t helped. You can expect the game to be back up in the App Store next week. We will update this story the minute we hear that the game is back up.

UPDATE: The game is finally back up on the App Store!


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