Revolt iPhone Review

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Revolt - Kristopher Peterson and Jaap KreijkampDoomsday.. In the year 2012, a deadly virus has wiped out most  of mankind. Society as we know it has been reduced to nothing more than an unpopulated wasteland, where mankind has no choice but to fight for scraps to survive. Shopping malls, gone..  McDonalds, all of em, gone.. all you have is just the worn-out rags  on your back, and a pouch containing your daily food rations; of which you just realised you ate too much.

If that’s not bad enough, whats making matters considerably worse is you see the rise of a robotic government known as Technocracy, hell-bent on enslaving and  eradicating the remaining human survivors.. hmmm sound familiar?
Terminator perhaps? Even Battlestar Galactica? Either way, a storyline/plot I’m sure we are very familiar with by now!
Nevertheless, this little game seems to be quite the slug-fest that will keep most of us entertained on a boring train journey or two. You play as a young freedom fighter called Guy, as part of the human rebellion to, well.. fight for humanity, and basically blow those walking toaster-ovens back to were they came from!

This is a third person 3D shooter from a slightly elevated camera angle giving a wider scope of vision to your environment. Once completing the tutorial (which I highly recommend), you will find yourself starting the game in a lab, which you then have to fight your way out of. Foes come in the shape robots that will; 1,  try to hack you to death with blades, or 2, shoot you.

Controls are straightforward enough, using the touch screen, with a directional stick on your bottom left, and a fire button on your bottom right. Other controls unique to the game are a forward roll button, which is useful in evading attack, a grenade toggle, allowing you to hurl them by dragging them where you want them, and a rotational camera view which you use by dragging the centre of the screen.
There is also a destination indicator which will navigate you through the levels, this is the little square icon in the bottom left area. A menu button is also present in the top middle of the screen, and will also to pause the game, and at the bottom centre is your weapons toggle.

There is also a health gauge in the top left, and points acquired on your top right. On completing a level you are presented with an ammo load out screen where you can stock up on ammo by using the green objects you collect when defeating enemies. Overall this is a good little game, and once some good weapons like the green heavy duty gattling gun are acquired, you can really unleash  some serious damage, and lets face it, that’s what its all about.. you do have to be careful though when you select this kind of weapon because it’s less manageable and accurate than other smaller weapons, due to its size.
The map could have been better, as there is no way of seeing the location of oncoming enemies, or even the layout of the environment.

Sound is good, and I liked that there is a lack of music within the levels, only starting up when you are under attack, this is a good way of adding a bit of depth and suspense to the game.
The controls feel smooth, although a little awkward at first, however, good graphics, a decent soundtrack and online capabilities makes it all money well spent on a fun little game.

Revolt - Kristopher Peterson and Jaap Kreijkamp


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