Rezolve Story iPhone Review

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Rezolve Story, a brand new game from developer Techbee, is a superb little game that has a purposeful design vision, excellent presentation and addictive, puzzle based gameplay.

The game, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, sets you with the task of getting tiny baby owls home after they get caught in the rain. The rain washed away their footprints, so you must guide them around each stage. The premise is good, building a neat little world for the game, which at its heart is a classic block puzzler.

The little owls are represented by blocks on a board, making up a shape. You must swipe them around the board, until they fit perfectly in the ‘home’ shape, all within the required move limit.rezolve story

There are obstacles, such as bricks that block the way, and areas where it is too dangerous for the owls to go. Some levels seem impossible, until you get the hang of using the environment to change the shape of the owl’s formation to get them to fit. It plays like many a classic 80’s puzzle game, or like a Zelda block puzzle from above, but has a great Chu Chu Rocket style to visuals.

If you get stuck, you can ask a character called Mr Owl for help, and he will give you a quick visual hint as to how to complete the puzzle. Each time you ask him for help, you will be charged a certain amount of ‘feathers’, the game’s currency. You earn plenty of feathers just by finishing levels, but more can be purchased via in-app purchases.

The game is free, but ad supported, but these ads can be switched off via a small purchase, which is always my prefered method of a developer funding a game, so well done to Techbee for having the option.

I loved the look and general presentation of Rezolve Story. The game has a clean, yet detailed feel to it, and the characters are very well designed. There are Game Center achievements and leaderboards, and quite a few levels to play through, with sets of levels unlocked as you go. I would like to see more levels added to the game, as I feel a game like this should have hundreds of levels, instead of dozens.

Overall, Rezolve Story is a great little puzzle game. With addictive gameplay, brilliant presentation, nice graphics and plenty of options, Rezolve Story could be your next favourite puzzle game.


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