Rocket Riot iPhone Review

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Rocket Riot™ - Chillingo Ltd

Rocket Riot from Chillingo is a frantic shoot ’em up pixel style game that allows you to do what you want to do – blow stuff up! In this game, even the scenery isn’t off limits. This action packed side-view shooter takes you back with simple 8-bit graphics but an innovative control system.

First you start as a jetpack loaded, one dimensional character toting a bazooka. There are several of these characters you can choose from to play as and even more to unlock. The main idea is to blast all the enemies in the level, including the evil pirate Blockbeard. To do so, use your jetpack to float around the different scenes and demolish essentially EVERYTHING to get to them.

What makes this game so unique is the controls. To fly your character around you touch the left hand side of the screen in the direction you would like to move. Then at the same time, use the right hand side of your screen to aim and shoot anything in your path. While this is definitely a different approach to the shooter, it doesn’t always come with the most accuracy, and takes some practice coordinating your fingers to get it just right. Fortunately for this game, accuracy is not that important.

There are different tasks that are added per level for you to complete in addition to destroying enemies, and most are very doable while manuevering through the craziness. There are even hidden power-ups to uncover that can help, or sometimes hurt, your progress. It is very quick paced and with all of the exploding pixels on screen, it can also be very chaotic. In the end it is all about having a good time, which there is certainly enough entertaining elements to do just that. Rocket Riot has 48 levels featuring everything from zombies to rocket propelled pirates. Like they say, what’s not to love? It is currently $2.99 in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Rocket Riot™ - Chillingo Ltd


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