Rolling Ranch iPhone Review

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Rolling Ranch - Clarin Global S.A.I was given Rolling Ranch to review and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get into this game. It’s a bit of snooker, mini golf and pinball all rolled into one. The game is set on Earp’s ranch and the aim is to to help the farmer to bring all his animals into the barn.

There are all different types of animals such as a dog, pig, sheep etc which are shaped like balls, and you have to shoot them by touching the animal on screen and then pulling back to aim them into the farmhouse.

As the levels go on the difficulty increases, as you have to collect coins and there are lots of obstacles, such as a windmill that has constantly spinning arms to avoid. For each different level you get a trophy, so the fewer turns you take to get it into the barn the higher trophy you can achieve. There are so many ways you can complete the level, and sometimes there might be an easier way but then you miss out on getting the coins so it completely up to you.

The graphics are very colourful and bright which makes the game fun and stand out. I think though this might be a little hard and frustrating for the little ones as you do have to think about moves you make, so it would really be suitable for a child who is 8 upwards. I think it’s also great for the price, as you are getting a lot of hours and there is also a free demo to try.

The fact that you have to do each level with the smallest amount of shots makes the game even more exciting. The controls are very easy, although sometimes I did miss a shot by not making sure my finger was properly on the screen. The levels are challenging, which was good because then I felt like I wanted to play it even more to complete it.

There are over 80 different levels in total to complete, and each sub level has 20 levels and then you can unlock a different animal to play as. There is Facebook integration as well as Twitter, Game Center and OpenFient so all them are covered. I like this in a game because it then gets my friends involved as well, and then becomes like a competition between us and in return makes the game twice as fun.

Overall I really enjoyed my time with Rolling Ranch, and can recommend it to anyone looking for some casual gaming on the go.

Rolling Ranch - Clarin Global S.A.


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