Roman Backgammon iPhone Review

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Roman Backgammon - eoz gamesBackgammon is one of the oldest and most respected boardgames there is, and has been enjoyed by millions of people over the years. It is a notoriously difficult board game to learn, and in these days, where people have easy access to far more exciting games, combined with a lack of patience, it is difficult for Backgammon to find its place.

That is where EOZ Games hope to come in and introduce Backgammon to a new generation of iPhone owning players, who may never have had the chance to learn the game.

They decided to release Roman Backgammon, which is slightly easier to learn than standard Backgammon, which I believe was a step in the right direction. It does make learning the rules a little simpler, and it won’t irritate long time players of the game too much, as it is not a million miles away from the rules of the original.

Roman Backgammon is what I would call a quietly attractive game. That is, it isn’t going to wow anyone with its looks, but its clean and simple interface it actually perfect for the game. The dice animations are also excellent, with a nice authentic sound to them.

Here are the app’s main features, straight from the developer:

 Play against the computer (Easy, Medium or Hard)
– Pass and Play: play against a friend on your iPad, iPhone or Ipod touch
– Game Center: challenge a friend or get matched up against another player


– Stunning ancient mosaic board
– Coordinated ebony and ivory dice and stones
– Three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium or Hard)
– Integrated music capability – choose, play or pause music from your local
iTunes library, without exiting the game
– Highlight option to show possible moves
– User friendly move option: drag and drop or tap and tap
– Undo move function (for first move of a turn)
– Automatic game save and pause function
– Configurable names in multiplayer mode
– Selection of stone color (ebony or ivory)

So, there are plenty of great options here for the avid player. One of the best features is the extensive multiplayer options. Pass and play is of course included for two players, but this game also uses Game Center to its fullest, with the ability to take on a friend or be matched up against someone you don’t know.

Overall, this is a decent game of Backgammon for iOS. The developer have done all they can to flesh out the main experience, and I have to say that this is probably the most impressive Backgammon game on iPhone and iPad, and is well worth a look, even if you are new to the game.

Roman Backgammon - eoz games


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