Salvation iPhone Review

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This is a simple little game that plays like an updated version of Pong. Basically all you have is two sliders at the left and right hand side of the iPhone/iPad, you have a time limit of 30 seconds and you have a ball that you have to hit either side and hit the aliens and other creatures, these all score points and earn you stars.

If the ball hits the sides more than three times then cracks will appear on the glass surface. The more stars you collect the more levels you open up. There are plently of locations to be opened up and explored.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:


— Beautiful and colorful graphics!
— An abundance of unique locations!
— Intuitive and dynamic gameplay!
— Simple and self explaining controls!
— 96 levels with increasing difficulty Rules!
— Support for Retina display!

Use the weapon.
— Destroying laser!
— Arrange the bombs!
— Use the timer!
— Destroy enemies with fire!
— Increases the size of the bar!

Rules of the game:
— Move the metal plates across the glass surface to hit the ball and to defend against the enemy shells.
— Be aware that the ball and the shells are only allowed to hit the same spot on the glass surface three times.


Throughout the levels you can collect stickers and also you find can diamonds, and you can also buy boosts to help score more points.

The graphics in Salvation are really bright, colourful and sharp. Controls are simple and can also be played with 2 players on an iPad. There are loads of weapons to choose from such as destroying the enemies with fire, increasing the size of the bars or arranging the bombs. You are given 5 diamonds at the start to play with and more can be collected throughout the levels.

I think this is a fun and enjoyable game, the graphics are stylish, bright and colourful and I loved the concept of an updated version of Pong on iOS.

Well worth a look, this is a very decent little game.


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