Save the Snail HD iPhone Review

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Save the Snail HD, available for iPhone and iPad through the iTunes App Store, and for Android through the Google Play store, is a very decent physics based puzzle game that, while never truly spectacular, provides a few hours of fun, and does have some good moments.

The idea on each stage is ro protect snails from some oncoming dangers, such as falling rocks or even deadly rays from the sun.

You only get a small amount of time to set everything in motion to protect the snails, so you have to think and act fast to get the best possible score. You usually get an assortment of items that you can drop onto the playing field, such as pencils etc. These can be used to directly cover up the snails from the death above, or, more usually, help to move the circular snails themselves.

There are also some extra items, like water bottles that can shoot off horizontally, that you can use to help you.

It is using a combination of these things together to succeed in each level, and you must also try to collect as many stars on each level as you can, and it is really in figuring this out where the real heart of the gameplay can be found. I liked the little lines that help you to place your objects in the game.

Here, straight from the developers, are the app’ best features:

*free puzzle gamescreen568x568 (3)
*24 levels
*easy controls = no finger fitness
*over 30 objects
*dozens of logic puzzles
*realistic physics
*beautiful hand-painted graphics
*challenging yet simple gameplay
*unusual adventure
*great fun for kids and adults

You get 24 levels included for free, but you can buy more via a cheap IAP, if you so choose. The game is actually quite attractive, and looks super sharp on a Retina screen, and the music and spot effects are quite good.

The only problem I have with the game is that it doesn’t excel in any real way. It never does anything wrong, and is fun to play, but there is never that real compulsion to keep coming back.

Save the Snail HD is a good game, with solid physics, well designed levels and good presentation. It does lack that killer feature to make it stand out, but it does still come highly recommended from me.



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