Securis for iPhone Review

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Securis - PRNDL Development Studios, LLCSecuris is a password manager and wallet application for iPhone. It begins with a simple interface with three main features.

The first feature from Securis is the Passcode Generator. This allows you to choose a password length, up to 32 characters, and check boxes that will add uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. After you select your options and hit the Generate button, a custom passcode will be created. They are promised to be military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption. Pretty handy for creating very secure and randomized codes.

The second feature allows you to store personal accounts, whether it be bank accounts, credit cards or just contact information. You can copy, sms, print, bluetooth share or email account information and even backup through iTunes or Dropbox. This gives you access to all your most pertinent information all in one place. And of course you can set a passcode to access these accounts in the settings. The third and final feature is a secure web browser that keeps your browsing history private from prying eyes.

All these features were easy to setup and worked flawlessly. The browser was quick and worked as well as Safari. It would definitely be an advantage to for a business or individual to have an application like this for all secure information. Better yet the sync and backup allow for it to not be lost if the app gets deleted. Securis is priced a bit higher than other security apps at the price of $4.99. But if security is an issue you are concerned with, Securis could definitely give you a lot of piece of mind.


Securis - PRNDL Development Studios, LLC


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