Sherlock: Interactive Adventure iPhone Review

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Sherlock: Interactive Adventure for iPhone and iPad, available from the iTunes App Store, is an intriguing and interesting adventure title that approaches the interactive book genre from a slightly different angle. Yes, it is still essentially an interactive book, but the quality and craftwork put in really elevates this to something that uncannily makes you feel like part of the story.

You play the part of Doctor Watson, following Sherlock Holmes on his latest adventure, and the game really makes an effort to make you feel as if you do play an important role; there are few ‘yes/no’ sections, none at all that I can actually remember. Perhaps the best way to describe the game would be as a first person text adventure, which should make sense to older gamers.screen480x480

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

• the authentic, original text
• an audio version read by Simon Vance
• 30 plot-based scenes packed full of 3D animation
• a collection of period articles containing descriptive text
• dossiers on the key characters
• a search mode to help you find articles and clues
• an interactive map of 19th-century London
• 20 original musical themes
• supports the very latest iOS functions

Picking through the app to find clues is actually pretty thrilling, and learning about the history, the characters and the finer details, alongside the story, is great. The title looks really nice, with an authentic feel that is never too ‘in your face’, as this just wouldn’t suit the tone of the text.

There is even an interactive map and a spoken version of the text. The only downside is that is all over with a little too quickly, and I hope that more stories are coming, as I was left wanting more by the end of proceedings.

This really is the direction interactive storytelling show go, with just the right amount of padding around a fine story. Expanding the world around Sherlock Holmes without infringing on the story, Sherlock Holmes: Interactive Adventure is a rare treat for fans of the detective.


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