Silent Ops for iPhone Review

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Silent Ops - GameloftSilent Ops is the new secret agent action game for iPhone released by Gameloft. After playing one of their last hot releases Backstab, I was thoroughly looking forward to delving into this new adventure.

In Silent Ops you are a part of a secret organization protecting the world from “invisible threats of the 21st Century”. In this case, against another team of secret villains who are creating a virus that could spread and destroy the world in a matter of hours! Of course it’s up to you to stop them. The opening scene looks great. In fact, all of the movie sequences are very well done and beautiful to watch. Gameloft has definitely perfected their use of cinematic imagery to progress their storylines, and Special Ops is no exception.

Now, the storyline is not so cut and dry. For one, you begin as a special agent in another man’s memory. You see the secret labs of the evil doers testing the virus and kill many, many of their armed agents. Mostly this is practice and tutorial stuff, but the levels are all labs that all look the same and the evil agents aren’t very smart. After completing this level you are now 8 years in the future, still after those that are creating the dangerous virus. It kind of jumps around from there, different characters and multiple locations, making it a little messy and hard to keep track of. The good thing is your character is mostly interested in killing bad guys, and the storyline doesn’t really affect you from doing this.

Since killing the bad guys is the main focus, one would hope the bad guys would be a challenge. Unfortunately they aren’t. One strange thing is if you approach them, they seem to forget they have a gun and just start fist fighting you. They are easily defeated, which is good for you, but still kind of awkward. They are also all over the place, seeming to run patterns in the levels and if you wait in one spot long enough, eventually they will rotate and you will get them. At one point I stood right beside two of them and they didn’t even draw a weapon, as if I wasn’t there. It seemed a little glitchy which makes it not quite as fun.

Aside from the combat glitches, your character has great secret agent killing machine options. There are multiple ways to kill your enemies, including various gun choices, sniper and stealth modes and hand to hand combat. It’s easy to maneuver the character and different levels introduce new obstacles and ways to get around them, including hanging over railings and climbing up elevator shafts. The shooting is simple, familiar and fairly accurate. The killing scenes are bloody and satisfying to watch when you get it right. You play three different agents in the game and they all have their own special abilities. There are also two different multiplayer modes: Death mode and Capture the flag which can be played with up to 12 players within two teams.

Ultimately, Silent Ops is a good shooting game with a secret agent theme that is very entertaining. Those that are fans of their previous action games, are sure to enjoy this one. It’s currently $6.99 in the app store.

Silent Ops - Gameloft


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