Silent Ops Gameplay Trailer

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Gameloft have released the first gameplay trailer for their forthcoming spy action game, Silent Ops.

The game looks set to be a third person action adventure with an emphasise on shooting, and the graphical style looks very much like GoldenEye, the classic Bond game for the N64. Hopefully Gameloft can capture the same magic, and the signs do look good for the game to be at least a decent stab at the spy genre.

With what looks like a decent variety of gameplay, such as one on one fighting and driving we hope the story and main gameplay matches up. There is a cover system, the lack of which was one of our few complaints about Gamelofts recent game, 9mm, and the developer has good form with creating cover based shooters for mobile with games like Rainbow Six.

You play as several different characters throughout the adventure, and each brings a specific skill, such as sniping, to the table. Whether you can use these skills with all characters or are limited to certain levels, we don’t know, but the variety will surely be welcome.

The game will be released on iPhone, iPad and Android, and Gameloft have launched a competition on Facebook to win a trip to Spain and also find out the release date for the game, check it out here.

Have a look at the first, impressive gameplay trailer below.


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