Sleep by MotionX iPhone Review

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Sleep by MotionX - MotionX™There are lots of apps on the app store at the moment for tracking sleep and waking you up in the morning, so what’s so different about Sleep by MotionX?

Well this one doesn’t just track sleep, it counts the number of steps you take daily and also gives you alerts when you have been inactive. The way you can track your sleep with this app is so easy, all you do is put it under your pillow, you can then set the time to be woken and then go to sleep. In the morning you will be woken up with a chart that shows, how long it took you to go to sleep, the time you were awake and if you were in either a deep or light sleep.Sleep by Motionx Screenshot 1

These results are shown on a graph so you can see if the times you wake up are the same or how long you sleep for. The visual effects are excellent and are really bright and appealing.When I used it, I was woken up by the alarm within my set time I had chosen and I was woken up feeling more refreshed than I normally do. You can pick a song you like or the built in sounds that the app comes with to awaken you. This app also has a built in pedometer and you can also log any activity you have done, and you can set goals for how many steps a day you would like to achieve, and you can set the app to alert you when you have been inactive for a set period.

For example, I have it set for 5000 steps per day and to tell me after 20 minutes of inactivity. Then, within 20 minutes of inactivity it reminds me to stand up and move around a bit to combat the health risks of sitting still such as dvts. It also tells you how many calories you have burned in each activity. Using the iPhone camera this can also turn into a heart rate monitor just by touching the camera with your fingertip it can tell you your heart rate. These results are also shown on a 7 day average so you can get to know what is normal for you and what is not.

I really found this app to be very easy to use and the features are really impressive: well worth the £1.99. Just to remember when running the app in iOS5 to close it properly in order to save battery life.

Sleep by MotionX - MotionX™


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