Smallpdf iPhone Review

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Most important files these days are in PDF form. With mobile devices being more and more the primary computing device, a good PDF app can go a long way. The Smallpdf: PDF Scanner & Editor app gives users the ultimate toolkit for all things PDF. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Get all-in-one PDF tools to read PDF, edit PDF, compress PDF, scan PDF, combine PDF, remove PDF pages, and convert PDF (Word to PDF, PDF to Word, PPT to PDF, PDF to PPT, JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG, Excel to PDF, and PDF to Excel).

Compress PDF
• Our file compressor reduces your PDF size and quickly shrinks your documents to an email-friendly format.
• Use basic compression to reduce file size by 40%.
• Use strong compression to reduce file size by 75%.

Edit a PDF
• Editing your PDF is easy with our Edit PDF tool.
• Simply select the Edit PDF tool to highlight, draw, or add text to your documents.

Merge PDF Files
• Simply open your document in our Merge PDF tool and combine PDF files—as many as you wish. Hit “save” to permanently merge PDF.

Sign a PDF
• Simply open your PDF in our eSign tool, add your signature, and save your signed document.

Create a Scanned PDF
• Take a photo of your document or import an existing file or image.
• Rename, rotate, crop, or adjust the colors of the file.
• You can scan several documents to a multi-page PDF.

With the Smallpdf Mobile App, You Can Also:

View & Read PDFs
• Seamlessly access the PDF on your other devices.
• Activate read mode for easier reading.

File Storage & Integrations
• Sync scans to the online Smallpdf file storage service.
• Email or send PDF scans to your other apps, e.g., WhatsApp, Viber, or Gmail.

For starters, the Smallpdf app has great tutorial pop-up tips to guide the user with all the app can do. A friendly Get Started greeting points the user on where to start. Begin by tapping the camera shutter button and granting camera access. Smallpdf allows in-app camera scanning, adding from gallery or files. The in-app camera uses auto detection to capture items as precise as possible. With optimal lighting and a steady hand, this works very very well. After capturing, adjust corners and edges to perfect the scan. Smallpdf also includes further image adjustments that can be made to perfect any lighting or add a filter.

Aside from scanning directly, the app also has many other tools available. Create, merge, compress, convert from and to, esign, and edit a PDF. The interface is intuitive and very simple to use. I found editing my files was very easy and liked how I could adjust changes after the fact. The esign option worked flawlessly as well which opens up a more convenient way to handle and sign official documents. Files created in the app stay housed in the Files area, with a search function to easily browse through stored images.

Taking after Adobe, users can also manage all of their PDFs synced in one place with a subscription. Accounts start free for 7 days with pricing of $9 per month for one user, billed annually, and team pricing of $7 per month per user from 2-50 users. Along with mobile app access, which is also available on Android, accounts can also be accessed on the website. Facebook and Google login options are supported, which is great seeing as I know I don’t need a new password to keep up with.

Smallpdf: PDF Scanner & Editor has everything you want in a mobile PDF app and more. The app is now available in the App Store for free.


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