Smash Animals Fun Animal Game iPhone Review

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itunes iconOne thing the App Store will never be short of is fun, happy time wasters. Quick to learn and play games just for the pleasure of a simple challenge and some short-lived enjoyment. Smash Animals Fun Animal Game by evox Inc. is here to deliver just that. Here is some of the app’s description:

Smash Animals is an ultra-exiting fun animal game with amazingly exiting illustration and gameplay. This animal games for kids can be also exciting for families to Smash Animals image 2play together. Have fun playing with 32 different cute animals and 72 colorful levels and enjoy this animal game for free.

Simple, fun, but not easy! Try our new cute animal action game for free!
The rules are so easy any kid around the world can master it right away!
Gather food and coins by letting the animal characters fly around in a flash!

This game allows anyone to easily play on 72 challenging levels.
Play casually in your free time and watch your progress!
Train your mind on various levels that require smart thinking.
Have fun gathering all kinds of cute animals, like zebras, hippos, dolphins, rabbits, giraffes, bears, leopards, monkeys, lions and tigers.

– Fun for anyone playing with family and friends, regardless of age or gender.
– Interface that is easy to use and understand, even for children.
– No difficult rules. Simply play by clicking and releasing.
– Get new animal characters by gathering coins.
– Leader board feature, which shows the highest total point scores.
– Share feature for sharing by e-mail and on Twitter…

Smash Animals greets you with a bright and happy home screen including an illustrated landscape and animal disc. Help, animal selection, stats and settings buttons line the bottom of the screen. There is no tutorial but the help button will take you to an instruction screen. The directions are not very clear in the wording but by looking at the picture it is apparent that you must collect all the fruit and coins on the board by pulling the animal disc in a backward direction according to the amount of force you would like. The animated lettering on the main screen instructs you to Tap to Start. Pick the level you need and open your first challenge. Drag the animal disc and bounce your way around until you have collected everything.

The challenge in Smash Animals is there are obstacles you must maneuver and bounce against to gather your targets but you are also limited to the number of bounces you have to complete the task. Coins are awarded to you in the levels that you may use to buy other animals to play the game which is a nice touch. The mechanics work well for the most part, meaning the animal icon goes in the direction you want at about the speed you desire. The puzzles are challenging and they give you the want to complete each one even as you fail over and over. My issue is the interruptions that are experienced as you continue to replay each level. You see the app is free, which is great, and as many free apps do there are ads to support this. I have no issue with ad-supported apps in the least, I don’t even mind watching a video every now and then that rewards me an extra turn. Smash Animals, however, has ads everywhere. Ads on the home screen, no problem. Play a level twice, watch an ad, play level again, another ad, then a video after the ad I watched. Play another level and this time asked if I would like to watch an ad to earn coins, so sure. In the video it says I can skip after 5 seconds, but learn this voids my coin earning opportunity after I pressed it. After a while it felt more like I was in an ad machine than a game.

Smash Animals has a fun familiar premise at its core and is enjoyable to play. If they can balance out the ad proportion a bit, I might even give it another try. The app is currently available in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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