Smile + Smile iPhone Review

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Smile+Smile - Hooligans Entertainment

Some of the most successful game apps are those in the puzzle genre. There’s something about using the mind to solve difficult situations and the satisfaction that comes with reaching the solutions that keeps us coming back for more. Smile + Smile from Hooligans Entertainment is a unique puzzle app that keeps things fun and light while still challenging the mind.

The goal of the game is to unite the male and female smiley faces. This must be done using the limited shapes and characters to bounce the boy smile to his mate. You must also collect all of the hearts on the screen along the way. It sounds a bit tricky, and it is.

One thing to mention here is that there is no tutorial to the game. You begin playing without knowing quite what to do but touch the characters on screen and see what happens. After a few tries, I realized that touching the main smile only set him in motion, and that the other objects must be set in place beforehand to get him to his smiley girlfriend. Once all this is realized, you are on your way to solving the puzzles.

The Smile + Smile app uses physics, logic and even some luck in solving the fun riddles. The mechanics work very well and the objects react to each other as you expect them to. Adjusting the characters in the slightest way impacts your outcome and gets the wheels in your head turning on which way to move next. There were a few levels that I felt I had to use more trial and error on to solve, but wanting to get to the end result kept me interested enough to finish.

The graphics and sound design are all very cute. Characters have their own cartoon like qualities including their own sound effects. It is all very fun, and though it looks child like, it is far from easy. Here is a list of some features in the game:

Smile + Smile Features:

Exciting & fun gameplay!
Vibrantly colorful ingenious cartoon graphics!
Awesome music and sound effects!
Outstanding and challenging game mechanics!
Intuitive controls!
Try and Buy model: 25 free levels and more than 60 to buy!
Facebook and Twitter integration!


The description mentions that the free edition of the game comes with 25 levels, with the option of an in-app purchase for 60 more. The additional pack comes at the small price of $.99 and promises an added difficulty in the challenges as well as a lot more fun. Though I am not usually a fan of the in-app purchase, I feel this is more than fair. You are able to play the game without buying anything, but if you want more it will only cost a dollar. That is definitely a deal I can live with.

Smile + Smile is a fun filled app sure to please all ages. It is a universal app compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is available in the App Store at the bargain price of free. If you love puzzles, smiles and quirky sound effects, definitely check this one out.




Smile+Smile - Hooligans Entertainment


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